If you’re neglecting the care of your pet’s teeth, you’re endangering their oral health. Poor oral health could have a negative impact on your pet’s overall health. At South Side Animal Clinic, we offer comprehensive pet dental care services to protect your cat or dog’s teeth and health.

Here’s how our animal clinic can help with your pet’s oral care.

Dog getting teeth examined

Comprehensive Dental Exams

Dental exams are an essential aspect of the pet care services our animal clinic provides. We recommend pet owners schedule annual dental exams for their pets. Senior pets may need bi-annual exams due to increased risk of gum disease. During an annual exam, our veterinarian will inspect your pet’s mouth, jaw, teeth, and gums for signs of irregularities, disease, or decay. We’ll also take x-rays of your pet’s teeth to check bone structures beneath the gum line. If we discover dental issues, we will recommend appropriate treatment.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

We also offer professional teeth cleanings to remove plaque and tartar from your pet’s teeth, particularly under the gum line where gum disease can breed. We’ll scale and polish your pet’s teeth, leaving them smooth and clean.

Our dental exams and teeth cleaning services are performed under anesthesia to protect your pet from pain. Sedating your pet also makes it easier for your vet to do a thorough job without worrying about being bitten.

Dangers of Poor Oral Health

Like people, your canine and feline are susceptible to dental issues like abscesses, bleeding gums, stained teeth, gum infections, and periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is especially destructive, as it eats away at the bone structure of your pet’s teeth, causing them to fall out. Bacteria from this disease can also enter your pet’s bloodstream and cause heart, liver, or kidney problems. Routine teeth cleaning can reduce your pet’s risk of periodontal disease and other dental issues that threaten tooth and gum health.  

Signs of Oral Problems in Pets

There are numerous signs to look out for to indicate your pet is suffering from dental issues. These include:

  • Stained teeth
  • Chipped, broken, or loose teeth
  • Foul breath
  • Swollen or bloody gums/bloody drool
  • Discomfort or difficulty chewing
  • Rubbing of face
  • Loss of appetite

Professional pet dental care combined with diligent home care can help your pet enjoy good oral health.

Trust Our Rolla Veterinarian with Your Pet’s Dental Care

To learn more about our dental care services, schedule a dental exam or cleaning for your cat or dog, call South Side Animal Clinic in Rolla at (573) 426-3647 today. We look forward to meeting your pet care needs.