Digital Thermography

At South Side Animal Clinic, we are on a mission to help our furry friends in Rolla, MO,
feel their best and live long and happy lives! When an animal is sick or injured, they cannot
provide much information on where it hurts or what is wrong. Diagnostic tests have become a
critical measure in treating veterinary problems, along with the veterinarian’s training and
experience. Here at South Side Animal Clinic, we are implementing the powerful diagnostic
technology of Digital Thermography! Read below to learn more about how thermal imaging
works and its benefits!


This advanced technology works by measuring the thermal energy emitted by your furry family member! The difference in heat can indicate many things to our veterinarian. A decrease in circulation would show up on a thermal image as a cold-spot; however, a hot spot would be indicative of an increase in blood flow due to inflammation. These “hot-spots” guide our veterinarian in her diagnostic process by highlighting where your pet is experiencing inflammation. 

As discussed above, the benefits of  thermal imaging enables our veterinarian to detect where your pet is experiencing discomfort. These images could lead to early detection of diseases such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, and many more! Early detection allows our veterinarian to begin
treatment quickly. This will reduce length of untreated chronic pain, improve possible
treatment outcomes, and maintain your pet’s overall quality of life.