Herbal & Essential Oils

Many people are confused about whether it is safe to use essential oils on a pet. This is a question you cannot always get a clear answer from when you ask a traditional veterinarian. It is best answered by a vet that is trained in holistic animal care. There are many benefits to using herbal and essential oils, but it is important to know how to use them and to know which ones can be toxic. Let's take a brief look at this topic.

Natural/Holistic Pet Care

People are becoming more drawn to natural solutions to both human and pet issues. Essential and herbal oils are becoming more popular because they come from natural things such as plants, trees & roots. Several of these essential oils can be beneficial, but some are toxic to pets. That is why this is something you must discuss with a trained veterinarian before starting. Cats have especially sensitive systems and are not as easy to treat with some essential oils, but there are various route for application options.  We offer an essential oil facebook page (Dr. Wodohodsky Essential Oils) and Free classes online for our clients to learn more about essential oils.

Some Beneficial Essential Oils

You must first keep in mind that any essential oils used on a pet must be 100%  natural to avoid any unforeseen side effects.  In most cases, the oil must also be diluted. The 2 companies that we offer in clinic is Doterra and Young Living Essential Oils.

Here are some of the most beneficial essential oils in pets:

  • Lavender Oil is good for soothing anxiety. It can also be used to treat allergies and burns topically.
  • Peppermint Oil helps protect against fleas and is wonderful for soothing an upset tummy. It also helps energize a tired pet.
  • Chamomile is wonderful for calming stress. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory for burns and minor wounds.
  • Stress Away Oil is great to diffuse in a room and help calm your pet.

Use Caution

It is extremely important to not only do your research where essential oils are concerned, but also to discuss the subject with a holistic veterinarian. Animals, like humans, react differently to things, and knowing which oils are not recommended per species is essential. As is knowing how to properly administer the oils and what dosages are safe for your pet according to its size, age, and health.

Contact Our Holistic Veterinarian in Rolla, MO

If you are interested in learning more about natural pet care and how to safely use herbal and essential oils, contact us at South Side Animal Clinic. Dr. Jessica Wodohodsky is thoroughly trained in the subject and will help you get started in eliminating some of the chemicals in your pet treatment and instead use natural oils to create a healthy, happy pet. Call us today at (573) 426-3647 to learn more.