Primal Pet Foods

What you choose to feed your pet on a daily basis is the single most important health choice you will make for your beloved furry family member.

Price, appearance and good advertising betray us and our pet’s health more often than not. The standard kibble is a good example. While convenient, common kibble is produced after several rounds of processing. An extremely high heat index is required in kibble processing, which leads to blanched nutrients, disfigured cell bonds and alterations of protein structures. To compensate for these missing nutrients and denatured components, manufacturers attempt to replace them by synthetic vitamins and supplements. If you pour a cup of water on dry kibble it will puff up and absorb the water. When your pet eats regular dry kibble, the same process occurs in the digestive tract, except moisture is drawn out of your pet’s body and into the dry food. Consequently, most pets eating a dry kibble diet live in a constant state of low-grade dehydration and inflammation. This creates a set-up for chronic illness.

Some pet food companies have convinced the general public that feeding our pets whole foods (raw or home cooked) is harmful, when in fact, feeding our pets heavily processed dry food can lead to poor nutrition and poor health. Not all dog foods are created equal. If your pet is currently eating over-the-counter dry dog food, consider scheduling a dietary consultation with Dr. Wodohodsky today.

Primal Pet Foods for Dogs and Cats

We are the only Veterinarian in the Rolla area that carries a wide variety of Primal Pet Foods, Elixirs, Raw Bones, and supplements.

We believe that a well balanced raw diet can positively affect your pet's life and well being. 

Primal Pet Foods only utilizes High-Pressure Processing on all poultry products. High-Pressure Processing is a unique, non-thermal process that kills pathogenic bacteria through high-pressure, water-based technology. High-Pressure Processing is a USDA-approved, 100% natural process, and is allowed for use on organic and natural products.