Pulse Treatment and Natural Pet Care

As a pet owner, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that your pet gets the best care possible for his or her overall health and wellness. Our holistic veterinarian , Dr. Jessica provides holistic care for pets in Rolla and the surrounding communities. Contact South Side Animal Clinic and schedule an appointment with Dr. Jessica Wodohodsky.

Dr. Jessica and Cappy

What is Natural/Holistic Pet Care?

Essentially, natural/holistic pet care refers to a comprehensive health and wellness program implemented and managed by a licensed veterinarian at an animal clinic. The main objective of natural/holistic pet care is to provide a balanced wholesome diet for pets by providing them with the opportunity to live as closely as possible to their natural environment.

In terms of pet care, for example, it would be ideal to serve your pet a fresh raw well balanced diet that can provide the nutrition it needs, with minimal preservatives. Originally, cats and dogs were active hunters seeking out their food. Nowadays, however, dogs are mostly house pets served with yummy treats throughout the day and inadequate water volume & quality consumption. Still, this does not necessarily mean that they can afford to lose out on certain proteins and other nutrients just because they are staying at home. Inactivity can lead to obesity which in turn leads to an increase state of inflammation in your pet's body. With time, this state of inflammation leads to other chronic diseases like diabetes, osteoarthritis. A state of immune regulation can occur easily once the "fire" is started with the inflammatory cells.  What we find commonly is also a state of leaky gut in the pet, which in turn leads to more inflammation and more allergies. After years of going un-diagnosed the pet can start to have autoimmune issues, where self starts to attack self.

It is still in their natural genetic makeup to need wholesome foods that can support their grown and development. What they need now is a good balance of a healthy diet & activity that can prevent chronic and acute diseases. Our animal hospital provides natural/holistic pet care services and we can provide you with better guidance on how to best feed your pets and support their immune systems.

Faster Healing and Recovery

Holistic pet care doesn’t just focus on what can be done to give them a quality of life that is as natural and comfortable as possible, it also takes into account the wellness of the animal. Modern medicine and technology, like Essential Oils, Herbs, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Testing, Shockwave Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Loop & Lounge Therapy and Laser Therapy, are utilized in natural/holistic pet care.

In some instances, your pet’s veterinarian might recommend the use of Targeted Pulse Electromagnetic Field Loop or Lounge, for example. Otherwise known as PEMF, is used to improve the healing process as well as aid in pain management for your pet. The Assisi Loop, which is a type of targeted pulse treatment that uses a loop over a specific area in need of treatment.  We have the tools and training needed to ensure your pet has a speedy recovery. Inquire about our LASER RENTAL & Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy ASSISI LOOP RENTAL Program today for your pet.

Get Quality Holistic Pet Care at South Side Animal Clinic in Rolla, MO

A Wholesome Balanced Diet, Mineral Homeostasis, Pain management and recovery are equally important aspects of ensuring your pet’s health and wellness. If you are a new pet owner or new to the Rolla area, call our veterinarian at South Side Animal Clinic today at (573) 426-3647 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jessica Wodohodsky.