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Here at the South Side Animal Clinic, providing you with outstanding customer services, while also offering your pet both conventional and holistic veterinarian services is our sole goal. We go above and beyond to uncover the root of the source, ultimately choosing the least harmful treatment method that puts your pet on a path to lasting recovery. For whatever problems your pet may be experiencing, our team is here to give him or her the best quality care.

Types of Medicine We Offer

  • Veterinary Medicine and Surgery: This provides you with prevention, control, diagnosis, and treatment of various diseases that may be affecting the health of your domestic animal. We also provide preventative methods that can help eliminate the possibility of transmitting animal diseases to people. 
  • Holistic Medicine: Additionally, we offer holistic medicine treatments that involve an array of gentle, minimally invasive modalities. These holistic treatments also place a high value on stress reduction and the overall well-being of the patient. Holistic medicine can be used to treat many chronic diseases and related issues.

Lost Pets

One of the most tragic pet problems when an animal goes missing. Each year, thousands of beloved pets become separated from their owners for a variety of reasons. This is why we highly recommend chipping your pet. The microchip is a very small device that is inserted just below the skin. With a microchip in your pet, you and your animal can easily be reunited if ever separated. The process of inserting a microchip consists of a quick injection that is practically painless for your pet. In fact, most pets don’t even notice the injection happening.

Unwanted Litters

You love your pet, but you don’t necessarily want to multiply the number of pets you in your home. Unwanted litters can take owners by surprise. Even with your best efforts, it is still possible for your pet to breed with another animal and produce litters of kittens or puppies. While they may be are adorable, overpopulation of pets is a serious problem. A simple spay or neuter surgery can ensure that you never have to worry about finding homes for dozens of new babies in your care. Spaying and neutering is the humane thing to do in order to avoid adding more to the homeless population of dogs and cats in the world.

Dental Pet Problems

Even though your pet doesn’t need his or her teeth to be brushed and flossed like humans, he or she is still prone to dental problems just like us. It’s common for pets to develop tartar buildup, bleeding gums, loose teeth and even periodontal disease. Talk to our team about how you can provide proper dental care for your animal.

Parasites and Prevention

It is not uncommon for pets to host parasites. Some parasites can cause minor irritation, while others can be life-threatening. It is best to have at least an annual appointment to look out for parasites, or contact us if your pet develops unordinary behaviors. If something does show up on an examination, a health protocol will also be induced to help with the pet. A health protocol can be put in place even if a major health issue is not spotted. We do this when we see a potential vulnerability that can lead to a bigger issue.

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We also offer nutrition consultation, in-house laboratory services, and at home wellness care. No matter when your pet may need help, we will be there for you. We are reachable by phone 24 hours a day. Leave a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If live in the Rolla, Waynesville, St. Roberts, or St. James area, our team at South Side Animal Clinic are here to provide you and your pet with quality health care service. Contact us today to see how we can help you and your animal. 

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Antibody Titer Testing

Allergy Testing with Immune Therapy Options

CBC & Chemistry Testing

Fecal - Parasite Testing


Thyroid Testing

Progesterone Testing

Allergy Testing

Heartworm Testing

Tick Disease Testing

Genetic / DNA Testing

Minerals and Toxic Metals Detection

Stem Cell ...Coming Soon


Vaccinations / Immunizations

Flea & Tick Prevention

Heartworm & Intestinal Parasite Prevention


Dr. Harvey’s Natural Pet Foods

Primal Pet Foods

Royal Canin Dog & Cat Prescription Foods

Herbs & Mushrooms for Pets

Standard Process Veterinary Formulas

Purina Vet Direct Prescription & Over the Counter Dog & Cat Foods *Click here to order* 


Spaying & Neutering

Wellness Exams

Health Certifications

Microchip Identification

 Other Elective Surgeries

Dental Cleaning & Extractions

High Definition Digital X-Ray Diagnosis

Orthopedic Foundation Radiography

Submissions & Certifications

Immunotherapy for Allergies

PEMF Therapy

Cold & Hot Laser Therapy

In - House Private Cremations


Frontline Gold


HeartGard Plus


Drontal Plus - De-Wormer "Oral"

Profender - De-Wormer "Topical"

Provecta - Generic Flea & Tick Preventions

Prescription Refills - (573) 426-3647

Online Veterinary Store and Pharmacy:


Dog and Cat Shampoo / Conditioners

Furminator Shampoos

Zum Soaps & Sprays

Pet Odor Candles

Lupine Leashes & Collars

Young Living Essential Oils

Customized Urns

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Meet the Doctor

  • Dr.
    Jessica Wodohodsky
    DVM, MS, BS, AS

    As a little girl, Jessica lived on a farm in Missouri with various farm animals. She quickly discovered that she was intrigued with the anatomical differences in multiple species and fell in love with dogs, cats, horses, cattle, chickens, frogs, snakes, insects, bees, lizards and more.  As a small child Jessica knew that she had a deep connection with the human animal bond. She set her goals to attend college and pursue her dreams of advancements in animal and human medicine.

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  • "Leaving my fur babies there all day felt like we were leaving them with family. I won’t ever go to another vet."
    Stacey H.
  • "Spotlessly clean. Excellent staff from the front desk to the support techs. Dr Wodohosky combines a holistic approach with the traditional veterinarian science. It worked wonders for my 16 yr old Lhasa. Very reasonably priced. Worth every one of those five stars."
    Michael B.
  • "Had a great experience! Everyone was so nice. Very calm and soothing environment that made our cat feel right at home."
    Amanda G.

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