South Side Animal Clinic Offers Comprehensive 

Diagnostics For Pet Care

When an animal is sick or injured, they cannot provide much information on where it hurts or what is wrong. Diagnostic tests have become a critical measure in treating veterinary problems, along with the veterinarian’s training and experience.


At South Side Animal Clinic in Rolla, MO, we provide a range of testing options to provide quality veterinary care.

Heartworm Disease and Tick Disease Testing

Allergy Testing

Pets with allergies can have constant problems with skin irritation and other issues. Your vet can provide allergy testing to find the offending allergen, so pet owners can avoid contact with the item and so appropriate medication to reduce symptoms can begin.

Parasite Testing

Internal parasites can invade your pet’s gastrointestinal system, causing upsets and poor nutrition. Testing can detect these tiny pathogens, so they can be effectively treated.

Genetic/DNA Testing

Genetic/DNA testing has become a popular way to identify the breed combinations in animals, to understand their behaviors and sometimes, to warn of potential breed-related health problems.

Tissue Mineral Hair Analysis Testing & Toxic Metals Detection

Mineral and toxic metal detection may be needed for pets to determine high levels of these materials in the body for better health.

Blood Testing

Blood chemistry testing is an essential way of getting information about how the organs inside an animal’s body are functioning. Small changes in the amounts and types of chemicals in the blood provide clues to find problems in the heart, kidneys, liver and other internal organs. With this information, the vet can understand the underlying condition and administer the right treatment.


Testing of an animal’s urine can provide important information about how the kidneys are functioning and whether infection is present in the urinary system. This test can also be used to detect high blood sugar levels that indicate diabetes in animals.

Thyroid Testing

Your pet my have a high or low thyroid level. This can make them not feel well. We have an in-house machine test analyze thyroid levels on your pet within minutes.

Progesterone Testing

We offer progesterone blood testing in house. If you are looking to breed you animal and want to know the hormone level, we can get this results with a simple blood draw and have result for you within minutes.

Referrals For CT Scans and MRI

If A pet is not Walking, we immediately refer them to the University of Missouri for CT and or MRI. If the vet feels that additional information is needed to diagnose and treat an animal, a CT scan or MRI may be required. Your veterinarian can refer you for these tests, so that a complete picture of the problem can be carefully analyzed.

Make South Side Animal Clinic Your Veterinarian For Pet Care

Dr. Jessica Wodohodsky is an experienced veterinarian serving Rolla, MO, Waynesville, St. Robert, St. James, Fort Leonard Wood, Dixon, Cuba, Edgar Springs and surrounding communities. We offer many veterinary services for pets, including wellness checkups, preventative care, microchipping, surgery and dental care. We also have Holistic Options for your pet if your pet cannot take antibiotics or you want a natural option. Contact South Side Animal Clinic today at (573) 426-3647 or (573) 426-3647. for -an appointment to learn about the many diagnostic techniques we use to help keep pets healthy. Prevention is Key, so your pet can live a long full life!