Ozone Therapy

If your pet is suffering from health problems and you want him or her to try a holistic veterinarian, South Side Animal Clinic can help. We provide Holistic Ozone therapy for animals in Rolla, MO, and we are passionate about helping your best friend feel better. Ozone therapy is cost effective compared to other therapies, starting at $30 per therapy.

What Is Ozone Therapy?

The first US ozone generator was developed by Nikola Tesla in 1896. Ozone is a colorless gas made up of three atoms of oxygen. Ozone therapy is a form of treatment that is used to fight many diseases. It is used to treat animals that are suffering from pain due to an autoimmune disease, skin allergies, infections, cancers, and more. Using ozone therapy, our holistic veterinarian, Dr. Jessica Wodohodsky, can decrease inflammation, diminish infection, and increase oxygen utilization at the cellular level in your pet's body. Inflammation is often the result of too much carbon dioxide in the body. Ozone therapy can deliver oxygen to the soft tissues in your pet’s body, like oxygen therapy for your Pet.

In addition to targeting and repairing damaged tissue, Ozone therapy can also assist your pet's immune system to become more active. It does this by stimulating the production of cytokine. These are cells that cause the immune system to perk up or activate. By using this type of therapy, our veterinarian may be able to avoid subjecting your pet to certain types of medication that their body may not handle or have an allergy to said medication.

How Ozone Therapy Is Administered

There are many ways this type of therapy can be administered. Some types of ozone therapy is rectal insufflation, ozonated subcutaneous fluids, Major auto hemotherapy, Minor auto hemotherapy, ozonated wound flushes, Prolozone injections, limb bagging and more. The Major Autohemotherapy therapy involves withdrawing blood from your pet, adding oxygen to it, and returning the blood to his body. This process can help dogs and cats that are diagnosed with cancer, cancer cells cannot live in oxygen. Ozone therapy has been found to be synergist when used in combination with chemotherapy and radiation.

The Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

This therapy has helped countless pets to heal from injuries and chronic illnesses and pain management. "All chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused from a lack of oxygen at the cell level." -Dr. Arthur C. Guyton. Ozone has the added benefit of making your pet less vulnerable to illnesses in the future and can be used as a preventive. Ozone is a mitochondrial stimulant, and increases cellular energy, thereby, maintaining homeostasis in the body while promoting healing. Ozone helps the body to fight infections and naturally and inhibit tumor growth.

In pets who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, ozone therapy has been found to give the owner more time with their pet. For many pet owners, this is the most important benefit that ozone therapy offers a sick animal.

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