At South Side Animal Clinic in Rolla, MO, we are happy to offer a variety of general surgical procedures in addition to everyday pet care. Our veterinarian has years of experience performing spaying, neutering, tooth extraction, and tumor removal procedures.


Spay and Neuter

Spay and neuter appointments are among the most routine veterinary operations, and we recommend them for every pet. This common operation is one of the easiest ways to ensure a happy, healthy life for your pet. 

Spaying and neutering prevent unwanted litters, which is the single most important way you can help control the pet homelessness crisis we face today. Spay and neuter do more than just prevent unwanted kittens and puppies – these procedures also reduce difficult behavior problems associated with your pet's natural mating instinct, like spraying and other aggressive behaviors. Spaying and neutering your pet also help prevent various health problems down the line, including uterine infections, breast tumors, and testicular problems.  

We recommend puppies be fixed between six and nine months of age, though the surgery can be performed as early as eight weeks of age. It is generally safe for kittens to be spayed or neutered as early as eight weeks old. 

Dental Surgery and Tooth Extraction

While proper dental care throughout a pet's life is recommended, we know that that's not always possible for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, a tooth (or a few teeth) will need to be removed both to relieve pain and improve your pet’s overall dental health. 

Several things may lead to your pet needing a tooth extraction, including kidney disease, an unbalanced diet, and tumors. A veterinarian will generally make this recommendation, but a rule of thumb is that if one or more of your pet's teeth are loose enough to wiggle with a finger, then it's time to schedule an assessment. Removal isn't always the best option. However, most loose teeth have at least begun to rot, if not become entirely infected. This can lead to more serious health issues if left untreated.

Veterinarian in Rolla

If you need pet care in Rolla, South Side Animal Hospital is ready to assist you. All of our routine procedures are performed by trained veterinary professionals, and your pet will receive our complete attention during any surgery at our clinic. For more information on the services available at our animal clinic or to schedule an appointment, call us at (573) 426-3647.

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    DVM, MS, BS, AS

    As a little girl, Jessica lived on a farm in Missouri with various farm animals. She quickly discovered that she was intrigued with the anatomical differences in multiple species and fell in love with dogs, cats, horses, cattle, chickens, frogs, snakes, insects, bees, lizards and more.  As a small child Jessica knew that she had a deep connection with the human animal bond. She set her goals to attend college and pursue her dreams of advancements in animal and human medicine.

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  • "Leaving my fur babies there all day felt like we were leaving them with family. I won’t ever go to another vet."
    Stacey H.
  • "Spotlessly clean. Excellent staff from the front desk to the support techs. Dr Wodohosky combines a holistic approach with the traditional veterinarian science. It worked wonders for my 16 yr old Lhasa. Very reasonably priced. Worth every one of those five stars."
    Michael B.
  • "Had a great experience! Everyone was so nice. Very calm and soothing environment that made our cat feel right at home."
    Amanda G.

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