One of the diagnostic options we provide at South Side Animal Clinic is radiology. Our pet care center in Rolla, MO, offers high-definition digital radiographic imaging to evaluate the condition of your pet. We can provide a diagnosis that is efficient and effective. 

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High-Definition Digital Radiographs

While pets may not be able to tell us the source of their pain, a high-definition digital radiograph can provide more information about your pet's health status. Our veterinarian can assess these radiographs for bone and organ concerns. We can identify tumors, joint issues, and even problems within the brain with this technology.

In some cases, we may even be able to make a diagnosis from the radiograph without having to conduct more expensive and invasive procedures. This provides our pet owners with peace of mind knowing that their beloved pet is receiving quality care.

Common Issues Our Radiology Equipment Can Diagnose

Our radiology equipment can diagnose a variety of issues, including broken bones, fractures, and other bone-related injuries. We can also use it to evaluate the heart and urinary system, helping us spot issues or diseases that may be present. In addition, we can use it to evaluate the lungs and gastrointestinal tract, providing us with a better understanding of any issues related to these organs.

Quick Diagnosis

We understand that a quick and accurate diagnosis is essential for your pet's health. With our radiology services, we can quickly determine the best course of action for your pet and help them feel better as soon as possible. A pet wellness exam is the best way to ensure your pet's health and well-being because we can completely assess your pet's health.

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