Cat Vaccinations

South Side Animal Clinic in Rolla is a valuable resource for pet owners. Our veterinarian near you provides traditional and holistic care for your feline family members. Our clinic offers an environment that supports comfort, friendliness, and an atmosphere that speaks to the care and attention your pet will receive.

Cat Vaccinations

Cat and Kitten Vaccines

When you schedule an appointment at our animal clinic for cat or kitten vaccines, you are taking an important step in ensuring your kitty's good health. Our veterinarian will determine which of the kitten vaccines are appropriate for the young kits as well as adult cats.

Benefits of a Wellness Exam

Our vet is dedicated to providing full service to ensure pets that visit our clinic have what they need to maintain and sustain a healthy lifestyle. During the wellness exam, our vet will check your feline from head to tail to determine his or her overall health. If any tests are needed, we can do these in our in-house laboratory.

About Cat Vaccinations

There are numerous issues that can affect cats and kittens, such as the rabies virus, distemper, feline leukemia, and more. Whether your pet stays indoors all the time, has access to the outdoors sometimes, or is an all-the-time cat that resides outside, vaccinations are recommended. Even if your cat goes outside for short periods, contact with an infected animal with rabies is a possibility.

The Benefits of Vaccinations

The main benefit of vaccinating your cat is to eliminate a disease or lessen the severity of a disease. It is all about the cat's immune system and how strong it is to ward off and fight diseases or help keep the disease from progressing. With your cat vaccinated, you will have peace of mind knowing your pet is armed with the appropriate vaccine to support overall health.

Vaccine Types

When scheduling a visit to our clinic, our veterinarian will discuss the different vaccines available for felines, and which one is the right one for your pet. The three vaccines available are modified, inactivated, or subunit. Of the three, the modified vaccine is the strongest as it is composed of organisms that have been altered, so they can work with the cat's immune system to form a strong defense against infectious organisms. Inactivated vaccines are not as strong and usually combined with a separate additive for increased strength. Subunits are organisms where only certain pieces of the initial organism make up the vaccine.

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