Tumor Removal

Excellent Pet Surgery for Tumor Removal

Our animal hospital can handle any pet surgery your pet may require. Dr. Jessica Wodohodsky, our lead veterinarian, has more than ten years of experience in providing vet care and surgery. South Side Animal Clinic in Rolla, MO, is the premier location for pet surgery. Tumors in pets can have various causes, and the development of a tumor is often a complex process influenced by multiple factors. Read the article below to see how we can help. 

dog tumor

What Causes Tumors in Pets?

Certain breeds of dogs and cats may have a higher genetic predisposition to develop specific types of tumors. For example, some dog breeds are more prone to certain skin tumors, while others may be predisposed to certain bone tumors.

Several things can cause a pet to develop a tumor. If your pet is overweight, it is more susceptible to tumors. Additionally, a carb-heavy diet encourages the growth of tumors. Some studies show that psychological stress can also lead to tumors in pets. Our veterinarian will diagnose your pet if it has a tumor and tell you about the likely causes.

We Can Remove Tumors

If your pet has a tumor, you can count on us to remove it. Our experienced veterinarians will remove tumors from your pet. We will help keep your pet comfortable through tumor removal. We use surgical precision and anesthesia when removing tumors.

We strive to ensure that we remove the tumor correctly. However, tumor removal is not always the end of the treatment process. If the tumor was caused by cancer, we might have to do other treatments. Our vet will assess your pet and speak with you about your pet's condition after removing a tumor.

Recover from Surgery

Any type of surgery requires a recovery process. Your pet will have to recover from the surgery for a certain period. Our animal hospital can offer any needed aftercare and give you tips to provide pain relief. Our veterinarian will ensure your pet has the easiest recovery process possible.

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