Dog Vaccinations

Rabies and other diseases can be life-threatening for dogs, so vaccinating your puppy is vital in keeping it healthy and happy for the future. Vaccines provide an effective way to protect your pets from potentially life-threatening illnesses. At Jurupa Hills Animal Hospital in Fontana, CA, our vet offers dog and puppy vaccines to help keep your pets as healthy as can be. We are here to tell you about the importance of getting your dog vaccinated and which vaccines you should get.

Dog Vaccination

Importance of Vaccinating Your Dogs

Some diseases that affect dogs can cause severe health complications, while others can be fatal. You must have your dog up to date with vaccines to lower its risk of getting these diseases. Dog vaccines help your pet’s immune system learn to recognize and fight certain viruses and other pathogens. Your pet can face a significant risk of becoming dangerously or fatally ill without vaccinations. Vaccines provide a simple, safe, and effective way to protect against these diseases.

Core Vaccines for Dogs

Core vaccines are vaccinations that all dogs should receive. State law even requires you to have your dog get some of these vaccinations, such as the rabies vaccine. Core vaccines for your dog include rabies, distemper, canine parvovirus, and canine hepatitis. These vaccines are vital in protecting your dog’s health and wellness.

Non-Core Vaccines for Dogs

Non-core vaccines are vaccines that are not always required or recommended for your dog. Dogs and puppies might need these vaccines based on how often they are around other dogs or what other risk factors they have for exposure. Examples of non-core vaccines for dogs include Bordetella and leptospirosis. Dogs that go to daycare or boarding facilities should be up to date on Bordetella and other vaccinations since they face exposure to other dogs.

When to Schedule Vaccinations

When should you look for a veterinarian near you for vaccines? Your dog’s age and vaccination will determine when you need to get its vaccines. Puppies typically start vaccinations when they are around six to eight weeks old. Your veterinarian will give your dog vaccines in a series over several weeks. Adult dogs might need vaccinations every year or every few years. Our vet can provide you with a recommended schedule for dog vaccinations.

Vaccine Side Effects

Should you worry about your dog having side effects from vaccines? Dogs might have some soreness around the injection site, but severe side effects are not likely. Your dog will likely only have mild side effects that do not last long. We can tell you more about potential side effects and what to watch for after your dog or puppy is vaccinated. You should call your veterinarian if you notice any concerning symptoms or behaviors from your dog after vaccination.

Find a Veterinarian Near You for Dog and Puppy Vaccines in Fontana, CA

Getting your dog or puppy vaccinated is vital in ensuring it is safe from many potentially life-threatening diseases, so contact Jurupa Hills Animal Hospital in Fontana, CA, to get your dog or puppy vaccinated today. Our vet can provide updated rabies, distemper, and other vaccines your dog needs, along with preventative care services to keep it healthy and happy. Call us and schedule an appointment today at (909) 333-1565.